Guest Post: Top 5 Benefits of Hands-Free Technology

Having access to your patient files and images is critical during surgical procedures; however, the process can be a cumbersome if you have to use a mouse to navigate your software. OMS3 has sought to remedy this common problem with the Doctor’s Assistant, a mouse-free software that allows users to manipulate images and control the software with only their hand.

In addition to no-touch PC control, the Doctor’s Assistant allows users to dictate notes during surgery and patient consultations, as well as record videos that can be used for documentation. For a quick demonstration, click on the video below.

Here are the top five ways using this touch-free software can benefit an oral surgery practice:

    1. Sterile: you never have to touch the mouse or a keyboard, possibly two of the most unsanitary pieces of equipment in your office, to access the information you need. Instead, you can leave your gloves on and move everything hands free.

    1. Saves time: the Doctor’s Assistant allows users to pull up images without having to go back to their desk to pull it off the computer. In addition, the program’s voice/video recording and whiteboard technology features allow doctors to dictate notes during the surgery.

    1. Aids in risk management: Adding notes during surgery, instead of dictating notes later (which can take a week or more to get back and review), ensures that the user’s memory is fresh and that every detail is captured. In addition, documenting the consultation could help doctors down the line in establishing that a patient was warned about potential risks before surgery.

    1. Facilitates record keeping: Good records could mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful insurance claim.

    1. Makes the practice look modern: as patients become more technologically savvy, they place higher importance on their doctors having the latest technology. Using a hands-free mouse is a small, but impressive, thing to many patients.

Have you considered using touch-free technology in your practice?

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