Predictions for 2015

Google, Microsoft and Apple will merge creating a single user friendly computer world where everything works with everything else. The new company will be called GoogyAppleSoft and the software will be Androidmacindows.

The fact that windows PC products won’t work with Apple, Apple doesn’t work with Android and vice versa is just the most visible compatibility battle. In dentistry we are plagued with proprietary systems that refuse to play together. Digital impressions, digital x-rays and even digital records can’t be transferred from one system to another. This is good for the manufacturer but not good for the dentist.

A new cell phone app will be introduced called “YuckMouth”. The user just takes a photo of his or her mouth, and if the software doesn’t like what it sees it will call the dentist, set up an appointment and put it on your calendar.

Apps like “YuckMouth” are already available. They do not diagnose and make an appointment, but there are apps that send images to dentists, identify problem areas and simulate treatment. Take advantage of the smartphone revolution by sending text messages and creating a mobile-optimized, thumb-friendly Web page.

Dental insurance companies will accept dental claims online, review the claim and transfer payments to the dental office account instantly just like credit card companies do now

OK, that’s not going to happen… but it is possible.

What are your predictions for the new year?

Larry Emmott, D.D.S. Contributor