Top 10 Tips for Successful Suturing (Video)

When it comes to suturing, it’s best to keep things simple. All dentists should know at least the three basic sutures: simple interrupted, figure-eight interrupted and continuous, with or without locks. Keep these 10 general principles in mind to improve your suturing. Tips include the proper way to grip the needle; how many ties are needed; and how to tie a surgeon’s knot:

Even with all the hundreds of combinations of needles and suture material, these three are the ones I go to daily, and these 10 simple tips make sure I always get it right. Whether you learned something new from these tips or they simply refreshed your memory, it’s important that we never stop learning.

Which suture do you find most effective? Which is the most complicated for you that you’d like to learn more about?

Joel Henriod, DDS, MHS Contributor