The Most Exciting Offers from Carestream Dental’s Holiday Look Book

Carestream Dental has just released its holiday look book for the giving season. Filled with exclusive offers, the look book has something for everyone on your list from across Carestream Dental’s three brands.

To make holiday gift giving even easier, we’re highlighting just a few Carestream Dental innovations that are on the top of the dental industry’s wish list.

From Carestream Dental, world-class oral healthcare devices

  • CS 9600 CBCT system: This five-in-one CBCT system is a five-time Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award winner with precision like no other system on the market. Sleek, powerful and featuring user-guided assistance tools that makes first-time-right imaging a breeze, the CS 9600 is for the office that’s always practicing on the cutting edge.

  • Neo Edition of the CS 8200 3D: With many of the same popular software features of the CS 9600, but in a smaller package, the Neo Edition of the CS 8200 3D offers advanced imaging and expanded FOVs in a compact footprint.

From Swissmeda, market-leading clinical software and services

  • New! Easy Digital Dentures Solution (EDDS): Digitize your denture records from one scan in just five minutes and improve your efficiency, increase production and experience greater profitability.

  • New! Swissmeda Cloud Imaging: This subscription service seamlessly connects offerings from across Carestream Dental’s imaging and clinical software portfolios so doctors can turn their existing Carestream Dental systems—like the CS 9600 or CS 8200 3D—into cloud-connected devices.

From Sensei, best-in-class practice management software and services

  • Sensei Cloud: Combine clinical excellence with business brilliance on this all-in-one cloud-based platform that provides everything you need to optimize all your practice workflows, from the back office to the front.

  • Patient Solutions: Reinvent your practice by managing and streamlining resource-intensive tasks, filing claims, accepting payments or emailing patients, with ease thanks to a wide selection of software add-on modules.

To see all that Carestream Dental is offering this December, see the Holiday Look Book for yourself.

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