PRESS RELEASE: Carestream Dental Announces New Integration with exocad Smile Creator

ATLANTA—Carestream Dental is empowering practitioners to plan an ideal smile from a digital impression thanks to a preferred partnership with exocad Smile Creator, a state-of-the-art smile solution that’s now integrated into the Carestream Dental’s product portfolio.

Once a patient’s teeth have been scanned with either a CS 3600 or CS 3700 intraoral scanner, the Smile Creator can be directly accessed from Carestream Dental’s CS Imaging and CS ScanFlow software, streamlining and simplifying the smile design process. Users can also upload patient photos that can be aligned with their digital impressions.

Then, the smile can be designed using realistic 2D tooth shapes from exocad’s extensive tooth library. Facial analysis with help lines and proportional guides help the user design the ideal smile for the patient’s individual anatomy. Aesthetic relationships between the patient’s teeth, smile and face can be easily evaluated, offering practitioners a realistic perspective for a restorative treatment plan.

“Doctors must consider all angles of a case, from whether it’s prosthetically possible to how natural-looking the final restoration is,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental said. “This new integration with exocad Smile Creator gives doctors complete control over design and serves as the perfect foundation for future prosthetic work while impressing and exciting patients with what their new smile could look like.”    

The 2D designs can then be viewed in 3D in real time from different angles, providing maximum predictability and letting patients approve their new smiles before agreeing to treatment. The advantage is clear: Highly predictable esthetic and functional results.

“The future of dentistry lies in technology and partnerships like this,” Shellard said. “Data is captured, assessed and interpreted in ways that give doctors more confidence and gets patients excited about digital dentistry.”

“This product sets the new benchmark for future communication between dental technicians, dentists and patients – particularly when it comes to designing esthetic anterior restorations,” Tillmann Steinbrecher, CEO, exocad, said. “The collaboration with Carestream Dental supports our goal of providing technology that helps clinicians take maximum advantage of digital processes”.

Smile Creator is fully integrated into exocad’s CAD software platform.

This new integration with exocad Smile Creator enhances Carestream Dental’s CS Solutions portfolio, its CAD/CAM line, to give practices more options for their restorative workflow. To learn more about CS Solutions, visit To learn more about exocad, visit


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