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Bite Block Support - CS 9600 SKU: 5501580
This bite block support for the CS 9600 CBCT system is a sturdy accessory that allows for easy and accurate placement of the 3D bite block during imaging procedures. It is designed to securely hold the bite block in place while allowing for easy adjustments. The support is made of durable materials that are built to last and can withstand the rigors of everyday use in a busy dental practice.
Carpus Panel for Scan Ceph Module SKU: 5319355
The Carpus Panel accessory is designed for use with the Scan Ceph module of the CS 8100 family, CS 8100 3D family, CS 8200 3D family and CS 9600 family imaging systems. This accessory is utilized for cephalometric images of the carpal bones of the wrist.
CS Face Scan Kit - CS 9600 SKU: 5940069
This optional feature captures realistic 3D facial photos and automatically superimposes the surface scan with CBCT images and 3D models in the CS 3D Imaging software, helping patients better understand the proposed treatment plan. The CS Face Scan function is launched via CS Imaging 8 software, CS Ortho Imaging software or CS OMS Imaging software. CS Face Scan is not performed at the same time as the patient CBCT scan, ensuring no interferance with the soft tissue from 3D patient positioners. The large scanning area delivers full face photos, including the chin and ears, while the dedicated support eliminates any interference with the patient's face. CS Face Scan acquisitions can be reviewed as a standalone file in CS Imaging 8, CS Ortho Imaging or CS OMS Imaging software using the embedded viewer. When reviewing in CS 3D Imaging software, the CS Face Scan images can be automatically registered with CBCT images 10 cm x 10 cm FOV or larger. CS Face Scan images can be exported from CS Imaging 8 in Dicom, STL or PLY formats for viewing in third-party software. Kit includes license voucher and a dedicated patient positioner.
Panoramic Chin Rest - CS 8100/8200 SKU: 5310842
This panoramic chin rest for the CS 8100, CS 8100 3D and CS 8200 3D imaging systems is a comfortable and secure accessory that provides chin stabilization during panoramic imaging procedures. It is designed to ensure patient comfort and improve image quality by reducing movement. The chin rest is made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain.
Patient Seat - CS 9600 SKU: 5501200
The CS 9600 imaging system is the first CBCT unit with an integrated retractable seat. This seat ensures maximum patient comfort and stability during 2D or 3D exposures, ideal for proecedures when higher stability is required or for patients who may have difficulty standing. When it is not in use, the patient seat can be rotated 180° out of the way to accommodate patients in wheelchair or when the user prefers the patient to stand.
Replacement Cone for Head Clamp - CS 9600 SKU: 5940051
This is a custom-designed accessory that fits into the four points of contact on the CS 9600's temple supports. The temple supports are designed to fit snugly around the patient's head, reducing movement and ensuring clear and accurate images of the patient's teeth and surrounding structures. The head cone is compatible with the CS 9600 imaging system and is easy to replace. One order comes with a quantity of four head cones.
X-OMAT Screen Cleaner - 250ml SKU: 8607020
X-OMAT Screen Cleaner is a water-based product which contains a fluorinated surfactant and formulated for the care of computed radiography and industrial X-ray intensifying screens. This comes in a 250ml bottle.
Displaying 13 - 19 of 19 Items